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Here at IDC Scuba we strive to keep you in the water for less.  Our diving products are competitivly priced with the local market and we have a price match guarantee.  We also get you in the water for less by offering diving training for less than anyone in Florida.  Our rates are so low you splash at the price we give for diver training.  Our products and services are listed on pages listed in the side menu.

Hardwood Floors – Another Chance to Make a Tough Decision


Home owners round the world cringe at the thought of renovations.  It is something looked forward to in theory, but in action dreaded and avoided as much as possible.  Why?  The time, energy, and money needed to complete the foreboding tasks often amounts to more than they can stand.  Tackling one project at a time lessons that load significantly and more often than not the option chosen to complete first is the flooring.  It is what gets the most use in any home and helps to make the first impression when someone enters.  For that reason alone, hardwood floors are often the sought after goal in making these changes.  Some still shy away from them though as they are viewed as time consuming add-ons better left undone.  This however is not the case.


Anderson Palo Duro


Mullican Ridgecrest


Hardwood floors are not as difficult to install as one might think.  In days of old, sure, they took extreme amounts of time and money to get the job done right.  Workers installed the wood panel by panel, often times the job would take months even years to complete.  You will be happy to know that is no longer the case.


Kahrs Wood Flooring


Kahrs Elegance Collection


The installation of hardwood floors can be done by both professionals and amateurs with the right amount of skill thanks to the new feats in design that have been achieved.  Gone are the days of lying down piece by piece of wood to tack together with hammer and nails.  Today’s world demands convenience and the suppliers and developers have responded with a resounding yes by presenting the invention of hardwood floors…with interlocking designs.  That’s right.  The interlocking design feature of this tried and true flooring staple makes it an easy option to choose for any home owner.  You get the convenience and ease of installation with the style, grace, and long lasting durability of hardwood floors.  Who could ask for more?


US Floors COREtec Flooring


Mannington Adura


Whether your preference lies in color, wood choice, or room location, hardwood floors offers an option for you.  Bring a bit of yester year to a den.  Turn the formal dining room into something truly breathtaking.  Give your family a solid foundation on which to grow and play.  Hardwood floors may not create the family life within, but they certainly go a long way in making the house structure into a home. 

Find out more information on hardwood flooring and laminate floors at the reference listed.